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"The Not Actively Looking search was very simple yet at the same time remarkably effective. Within minutes we had a number of senior candidates to assess, complete with CV, mobile number and personal email, making it easy to reach out to those most relevant for our client."
Aspen Worldwide
"Not Actively Looking provides us with a method of managing our candidate profiles, which works better for both the candidates and for us."
"Not Actively Looking has been a great platform for the high volume of candidate CVs and resumes that Preston & Partners receives on a daily basis. Easy to use, navigate and establish a manageable structure, Not Actively Looking provides an effective outlet for candidates. Preston & Partners highly recommends Not Actively Looking to those firms desiring a more efficient way to organize candidate resources."
Preston & Partners
Executive search is about finding precisely the right person for that key senior executive position. Whether you are conducting a search to find a new Chairman, CEO, CFO, CTO or other senior leader, an executive search consultant's real value is in understanding the clients' needs and finding the right man or woman to fill the senior job in a way that truly fits the requirement.
Not Actively Looking can help you find that perfect candidate much faster. This not only saves you time and effort involved in calling inappropriate or uninterested candidates, but also ensures that you provide a timely and efficient solution to help solve your client's critical business need.
At Not Actively Looking we have developed our own unique search algorithm to prioritise potential executive candidates in terms of the skills, experience, aspirations and remuneration expectations that you define. This will produce a list of potential executive candidates ranked in order of suitability. You will then be able to start calling the right people immediately, saving yourself time and, critically, solving the client's problem faster.

Benefits for Executives

Keep all the search firms that you deal with up to date at the same time.
Less time wasted on searches that do not fit your skills, experience and aspirations.
Choose which search firms have access to your CV and confidential information.
Manage your own profile - be in control of who sees what!
2m 30s
Be in the best position for your next position
Executive search is completely driven by client assignments, meaning that you will be approached by search firms — not necessarily when you are looking for a role, but when a company or organisation is looking to fill one.
This means you need to be exposed to the executive search firms who are relevant to your professional aspirations, even when you are not actively looking. Providing up-to-date information about your experience, skillset, current role and ambitions is time and resource intensive and, sometimes, you might not be aware who are the most relevant search firms for you!
How can you ensure that you are contacted by the firm which has the mandate to recruit a new CEO, CFO, COO, Director of Marketing, VP or other C-suite position that is most in line with your own career plan?
Not Actively Looking is a confidential service which allows you to create a single profile and discreetly connect to the executive search firms which are most appropriate for your professional progression. We offer support and information to help you ensure you are connected to the most relevant firms and your profile is completely protected, visible only to the firms with whom you choose to connect. When a search firm has a mandate to recruit, they simply search the detailed criteria and if your profile fits their specific requirements, they will contact you.
Executive registration is straightforward, free from cost and should only take a couple of minutes to get started. Remember, even if you are not actively looking right now, you should still keep your trusted executive search firms up-to-date. You never know what opportunity is actively looking for you!
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