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How does Auto-Connect work?
When the Auto Connect feature is enabled, it keeps you connected to only the most relevant search firms. It prevents you from being connected to other less relevant firms that do not match your aspirations. If you wish to be connected to all firms or any search firm of your choosing, even if they may not be a good match for you, then you may wish to consider disabling this feature. 

By disabling Auto Connect, you can then click on the Add Search Firm button. This will show you recommended firms by default, however you can search for other firms in the search bar and add them.
Can't I just sign up to Not Actively Looking when I am job seeking?
Not Actively Looking is designed to allow you to make yourself visible to the executive search community in a controlled and confidential way.

The more visible you are, the more likely you will be contacted for those coveted senior executive roles as they come up.  If you are contacted by a headhunter but are not interested at that time, use it as an opportunity for building relationships for later in your career. 
What do I get for Premium Executive Membership?
Premium Executive Membership allows you to connect with an unlimited number of search firms. Why is this useful? You should aim to be connected to at least 20-30 high quality search firms to increase your chances of finding a suitable opportunity. The more visible you are the better!

We are also focussed on providing you with resources that will help you throughout your career - you will have full access to all videos and media in our Career Management Portal as a Premium Executive Member. We are constantly improving our service offering for Premium Executive Members and we will keep you informed!
I haven't been contacted yet. What does that mean?
There could be a number of reasons why you are not being contacted:

Firstly, it pays to complete your profile 100%. The more information an executive search firm has about you, the more likely they are to contact you. Be proactive and keep your profile updated! 

Secondly, most people, get one or two calls a year for a job that is really what they're looking for. By being a part of Not Actively Looking you can increase your visibility amongst great boutique search firms. You can also point out exactly what your circumstances are without having to share that information on a public platform.

Thirdly, have you given it enough time? You may be lucky and get a call quickly but chances are it will take time! Learn how the executive search process works and focus on cultivating as many relationships as possible.
Can I import my LinkedIn profile or CV / resume?
Yes, we recommend you do both. By importing your LinkedIn profile your most recent position and photo will be added to your profile. You can also import your CV or résumé to fill out your historical employment history and education details. We recommend you do both as LinkedIn's terms and conditions only permit us to import your current role. If you don't wish to import any data we will ask you to fill out some basic details about your most recent role. The connection with LinkedIn is one-way only; we never share your profile with LinkedIn.

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